My First Roll of Ektar

It's finally here, the moment I have been waiting for. The day before Christmas and you can't sleep because you want to open your gifts or when you order something and you wait for the delivery man to show up at your house. 

My first roll of Ektar film is here and Im surprised. I thought because I shoot digital a specific way the images would come out fairly similar, but that wasn't the case. Now looking at the photos almost feels like a review of how I shot this day, what I shot and the ultimate product. 


36 photos I only had a few selects that stood from that day. I understand now how I have change the way I shoot when it comes to film, slower shutters speeds and understanding aperture. I realize its about taking your time being patient and finding that moment. 

Overall I am pleased with the images I came out with, but now I know what I want to capture or at least have a better idea of what I might want to come out with. 

Here are the rest of the I selected from that day....


See you on the next roll.