The Cuban Experience

I know it has been long since my last post in January, but you can look forward to more post in the coming future. 

I recently took a trip to Cuba for the experience of a lifetime courtesy of Havana Club Canada. For 3 days myself and the 2 other photographers Celia & Gillian enjoyed food, music and of course rum. We were able to get some history of how rum is made in a very cuban fashion. 


Walking the streets of Old Havana was one of the highlights of my trip, seeing the culture, the old buildings with new modern architecture. Tones of characters roam the streets of Cuba any given day engaging tourists and cubans alike. You may have to pay a peso or two, but a photo of one of these street characters is worth the experience and the memories. 

Unforgettable sunsets at 6am to going to kids in the streets playing soccer. Cubans may seem like they don't have much, but they sure live life to the fullest. Live it day by day and drink to the good times. 

There were very few times when a local wouldn't try to sell me cigars and or rum as Cuba's largest income is based around tourism. Very nice and very respectful by the 3rd day I didn't want to leave, I felt like I was more than welcome to stay for as long as I wanted.

I would definitely recommend if anyone wants to go to somewhere hot, where they can enjoy good food, dance and of course cigars Cuba is the place to be. I have so many moments from this trip that overtime I see an image I feel like I am still there. I will never forget this trip to Havana.

Till next time.