From a different perspective

The digital age is booming and times are changing so fast, with changing times comes new technology and new ways of doing the same thing. Photography has changed a lot over the years, before it was blogging, then it was design t-shirts and then graffiti. Now everyone wants to be the own version of 13thWitness or Trashhand.

Change is inevitable and sometimes that change is unwanted, other times it is creative. As visual people we decide to make that change. I recently changed up what camera I was going to shoot with. (Only for a week)

I took the FujiE-X2 for a spin. With a 18-55mm(27-82.5 crop factor) I was amazed at the shot I could get without being seen. I love wide shots, but this time around I used the zoom and I was in love. I was fascinated by how fast you could take that shot and walk away without being noticed.

I was impressed by how easy it was to understand the functions of the camera and how smooth and consistent the camera was (this is not a photo review). I was pleased to walk just about anywhere and not question, if I was going to get the shot or not. It took me a few hours to change to my own custom setting and make the camera my own, but it was refreshing.

The Fuji is mirrorless camera and I felt it was time to try my hand at it and see if its worth the jump, if its worth selling my BMW (Canon 6D) for a smaller camera that can do almost the same thing. It was fun shooting with the camera, it felt like nobody knew I was there, but who knows.

Only time will tell...